Here are some of the services I handle. And read my full post about 6 Helpful Things I Do For My Clients (That You Should Expect From Your Lawyer).

1. General business consultation ($200)

Still operating without proper contracts? Should you form an LLC? Not getting paid for your work? I can help with all of these issues and more. Let’s discuss in a 30 minute consultation.

2. Form a proper business structure 

I will do the necessary paperwork and help you understand everything you need to know about forming an LLC, S corporation, C corporation, partnership, Non-profit organization, or other structure. See here for more details

Are you interested in forming a social enterprise or social impact business? You may want to form a B corp/Benefit Corporation or Social Purpose Corporation. Let’s discuss.

3. Help keep your business in compliance and out of trouble

Statement of Information & Minutes ($300+fees): California corporations must file a Statement of Information and prepare minutes each year. California LLCs must file a Statement of Information every other year. I can take care of the Statement of Information and corporate minutes.

DBA ($300+fees): All forms of business, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, etc, may need to file a “DBA” if they use a name other than their official name. 

Business Licenses & Permits (Starting at $300+fees): There are various licenses and permits that a business may need. 

4. Draft customized contracts/agreements (Starting at $500)

  • Freelancer/Client services agreement customized template: Let’s make sure your agreements with your clients are solid and enforceable.
  • Subcontractor agreement customized template: Need some help with your business? You may want to use “independent contractors” aka “subcontractors” rather than full fledged employees. But you’ll need a solid contract with them.
  • Other customized agreements include vendor agreements, loan agreements, joint ventures, and more.

5. Review contracts for possible issues, and negotiate terms (Starting at $300)

Don’t know what’s in that contract they want you to sign? I’ll help you understand what they want from you, and what you may be able to get from them.

6. Copyright registration filing ($300 + fees)

You’ve created something special, and you don’t want others profiting from your work. Let’s make sure you have the strongest protection feasible. Includes up to 1 hour of consultation/research.

7. Trademark registration filing ($750 + fees)

Your brand is how clients and customers know you and trust you. If you’ve developed a strong name for yourself, I can help you protect it and prevent others from profiting from your efforts. Includes up to 2 hours consultation/research.

8. Website and software documents

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for basic website ($600)

Software as a Service (SaaS) agreement (Starting at $2000)

9. Resolving business disputes (Starting at $500)

Client refusing to pay you for your work? Is your vendor or independent contractor violating the terms of your agreement, costing you money? Whether you are owed a few hundred thousand dollars or a few thousand dollars, you should get what you deserve. For larger amounts, I often simply take a percentage of whatever amounts are recovered, so you would only pay me if you win! (But you would be responsible to pay the upfront court costs)

For smaller amounts, I can help you with a small claims consultation/training. If you’ve never been to small claims court because it’s too complicated to figure out, I can help!

10. Tax Issues (Business and personal)

If you owe taxes to the IRS or FTB, and you are having trouble paying it off, there are programs that you may qualify for. I can help you with these. I also consult on saving money on taxes, and some other tax issues for self employed people.

11. Employee onboarding and employment documents

This may include offer letters, employment agreements, employee handbooks, and similar documents.

Other services.

I can also draft demand letters asking for payment, cease and desist letters, and I can assist with compliance and government/regulatory affairs, etc.

Note about Pricing

I generally charge very reasonable flat rates for my services, so you won’t be surprised by a huge bill like with many other lawyers who only charge hourly. My flat rates are based on the most common situations, and may be higher than what is listed if your situation is particularly complex or will take many more hours than usual.

In situations where it is not possible to do a flat fee, I will charge hourly ($325/hr) and I will give you an estimated cost based on how many hours I expect it will take.  

Compare my fees to those most lawyers charge.


10% discount for smaller non profits.